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If you’re often exposed to repetitive loud noise, it’s important to be mindful that prolonged exposure can cause irreparable hearing damage. Whether you’re a construction worker in the CBD, a motorsport driver or a professional Melbourne musician, you must ensure your ears are sufficiently protected, preventing damage that can lead to tinnitus and hearing loss. There can also be occasions where exposure to noise doesn’t pose a permanent threat to your hearing but could be affecting your health in other ways – like lack of a sleep due to external noises! Fortunately, Victorian Hearing has a solution for all these situations, with a selection of professional ear plugs that are designed to lower the occurrence of permanent damage and provide an effective barrier against noise.

The Importance of Hearing Protection

Effective protection with custom ear plugs greatly reduces the risk of hearing loss, making them a worthy long-term investment. Regular exposure to excessive noise can cause severe problems if steps aren’t taken to circumvent this exposure, with the possibility of irreversible hearing loss. Tinnitus is one of the most common consequences suffered from exposure to loud noises, resulting in a permanent ringing in the ears that can interfere with day-to-day life. While tinnitus cannot be treated it can be minimised through the use of custom made ear plugs and other tinnitus management solutions.

Don’t mute the world, simply filter the sound and protect your hearing.

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Victorian Hearing offers a wide range of custom-made moulded ear plugs, fitted to the shape of your ears and designed to minimise exposure to loud sound. Whether you’re trying to get to sleep, playing in a loud rock concert, or you simply require hearing protection for your occupation, our custom ear plugs provide a solution for numerous applications. We realise that sound can be present in varying volume levels, so Victorian Hearing offers a range of moulded ear plugs that feature varying acoustic filters to cater for different needs. Our options are all customised to fit each individual ear, ensuring maximum hearing protection and comfort is achieved.

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Off the shelf ear plugs or ear tips as they are sometimes referred to are a great and convenient option. Offering small, medium and large ear tips and an extra large size available on request. Featuring acoustic filters, fitted with advanced mesh technology ensuring that your ears remain well ventilated at all times, they are also hypoallergenic with ear tips made from medical grade TPE. They offer value for money as ear tips can be used multiple times and your natural hearing is preserved, which facilitates situational awareness.

Who needs Hearing Protection & Ear Plugs?

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If you’re a musician or sound engineer – amateur or professional – it’s important to take steps to protect your hearing from repetitive loud noises. Whether you’re practising at home or regularly playing concerts across Melbourne surrounded by powerful stacks, it’s possible for conditions such as tinnitus and hearing loss to occur over time. Fortunately, Victorian Hearing offers a range of professional musician ear plugs that will allow you to enjoy your music without any risk. We’re proud to provide custom ear plugs that protect hearing while ensuring music remains clear and distortion-free – a necessity for concerts and on-stage performances.

We also understand that different types of musicians are exposed to different sound levels – for instance, a concert pianist will not require the same protection as a rock guitarist. That’s why we offer a range of Pacific Ears ear plugs that feature different acoustic filters to suit your specific needs. These options include minus 10 decibels (suitable for vocalists and guitarists), minus 15 decibels (classical musicians, guitarists and bass players), and minus 25 decibels (drummers, percussionists and rock musicians).

Serenity Choice Sleep Ear Plugs


When you have trouble sleeping, it can have a huge impact on your health and well-being. Exhaustion can cause a range of further problems, from difficulty concentrating and socialising through to depression. At the most extreme end of the scale, it can play a part in accidents and even lead to an increase in susceptibility to cardiovascular disease. If you find it difficult to sleep at night because of noise, moulded ear plugs for sleeping offer a simple and effective remedy. However, it’s important to have good quality custom made ear plugs – cheap foam ones often don’t block out enough noise to be effective, and models that aren’t specifically shaped to your ear may still allow sounds to slip through. At Victorian Hearing, our noise cancelling moulded ear plugs offer the best solution. Perfectly shaped to your ear canals and made of top-quality materials, they provide a snug fit, specially designed to stop noise in its tracks and help you achieve a good night’s sleep.

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Whether you’re a professional swimmer or you swim recreationally, there are many reasons why you should wear a pair of waterproof ear plugs for swimming. As well as improving comfort by preventing water from entering the ear canal, wearing ear plugs while swimming can also minimise the occurrence of swimmer’s ear – a painful ear infection that results from water becoming trapped within the ear. As these waterproof ear plugs work by sealing out water, custom moulded designs are highly recommended to ensure the best fit for each individual ear canal. Victorian Hearing can provide comfortable custom moulded ear plugs that will protect ears from water and infection while staying firmly in place.

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Hearing Protection

Whether you’re in need of custom noise cancelling ear plugs to safeguard your hearing, musician ear plugs to protect against damage during a concert, ear plugs for swimming to prevent painful infections, or moulded ear plugs for sleeping, the trained audiologists at Victorian Hearing can help. We’ll determine which type of moulded ear plug is right for your level of sound exposure and fit them to your canal, ensuring the risk of hearing damage is kept to a minimum. Get in touch today to learn more about our range of Pacific Ears custom ear plugs or to arrange for an initial consultation at one of our Melbourne clinics.  Call us on (03) 9558 8842, or send us a message through our contact page.


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