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Exposed to earwax, moisture and dust

Hearing Aids

What to do when one stops working?

While hearing aids are a durable piece of technology, they aren’t infallible. Due to their placement within the ear, they’re frequently exposed to earwax, moisture and dust. Regular hearing aid maintenance is therefore recommended to prevent build-up of these materials within the device, ensuring maximum efficacy. It’s also recommended to give your hearing aid a gentle daily clean to remove all visible wax.

One of the most common reasons for a hearing aid to stop working is a flat battery. Fortunately, this is an easy fix that simply requires the replacement or purchase of new batteries. If you’re unsure of which type you need, or how to insert them, our friendly staff are happy to help.

Another common cause of hearing aid failure is due to an excessive build-up of wax. If this occurs within the part where sound is emitted, the device’s performance can be impacted. Our audiologists can show you how to check to see if a blockage is present, as well as teaching you how you can remove the blockage yourself at home.

There may be occasions when your hearing aid still doesn’t work despite the remedy of the previous problems. If this is the case, it may need to be looked at by our trained reception staff or an audiologist who is skilled in hearing aid repairs.

Hearing Aid Servicing

It’s common for hearing aids to need an occasional service to keep them running as efficiently as possible. While our staff can clean your device and provide minor hearing aid maintenance, in some cases it may need to be sent to the manufacturer for repairs.


Consultation with your audiologist will also be necessary to make adjustments to your devices as your hearing changes over time. The power (gain) of your hearing aid at various pitches (frequencies) can be turned up or down to suit your hearing loss, making it crucial to undergo annual hearing reviews to ensure your devices are meeting your needs.

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