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Hearing Health

Our Service Costs

  • Diagnostic Hearing Test: Adult >18 years: $185 (60mins)
  • Hearing and Speech Clarity Evaluation, hearing aid prescription and rehabilitation plan: $235 (90mins)
  • Diagnostic Hearing Test: Child >6 months: $150 (45mins)
  • Police/Aviation Hearing test $100 (30mins)
  • Auditory Processing Testing: Children >7 years: $500 (120 mins)
  • Hearing Aid/ Assistive Listening Device discussion only: $185 (60 mins)
  • Lyric Sizing Candidacy/Fitting (includes Pro Plugs): $200 (180 mins)
  • Middle ear testing: $55 (15 mins)
  • Ear impression: $55 (15 mins)
  • Wax removal using microsuction and/or curette methods: $140 (30 mins)
  • Diagnostic Report: Free of charge when part of an appointment.


If referred directly by a GP, Paediatrician, ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) specialist or a Neurologist, part of the cost of the Diagnostic Hearing Test can be claimed back through Medicare.


We provide recipients of the age pension and veterans affairs gold card holders with free hearing services from the Government funded body, the Hearing Services Program (HSP)

How to apply for the Hearing Services Program:

  1. Call 03 9558 8842 to make an appointment with Victorian Hearing. We will need your pension number or DVA number to apply for a voucher on your behalf
  2. If you have a referral from a GP or an ENT specialist, please bring it with you to your appointment.


When it comes to the price of hearing aids, it’s what’s inside that counts. The technology itself is what determines the price point, not necessarily the style or size as many people think.

Hearing aids are priced according to categories of technology, and most manufacturers offer up to 6 levels of technology.

Prices per hearing aid vary from $1000-$6000 depending on the level of technology.

At Victorian Hearing the cost of the daily worn hearing aids include a 60-day return/exchange policy; 3-5 year warranty; 12 months manufacturer insurance policy; 12 month supply of batteries and 12 months’ worth of of fine tuning appointments.

If you are a pensioner or Veteran, your HSP voucher entitles you to fully subsidised hearing aids at the entry level technology, or you can use the subsidy towards higher levels of technology and pay the “top up” gap.


Lyric Subscription

The 24/7 worn Lyric hearing solution is provided via an annual subscription, rather than a one-off fee. Subscriptions can be paid monthly or annually.

An annual Lyric subscription includes:

  • Up to 10 hearing aids per ear, per annum
  • Programming of the Lyric hearing aids by our Lyric Specialist Audiologists
  • Lyric Kit with User Guide and one SoundLync remote control
  • Refitting appointments
  • Automatic upgrade to the latest device with every hearing aid replacement
  • Wax removal
  • Hearing screenings as required. The cost of a full diagnostic hearing test will be a separate fee ie. before re-signing a new contract

Annual subscription fees – upfront payment in advance.
1 Years: $2500 per year, per ear
2 Years: $2300 per year, per ear
3 Years: $2100 per year, per ear
Monthly subscription fees – include financing. First two months to be paid up front, fixed direct debit thereafter.
$250 per month, per ear over, 1 year
$230 per month, per ear over, 2 years
$210 per month, per ear over, 3 years

Hearing screenings are inclusive within the Lyric Subscription. However, should the hearing screening reveal a significant change in hearing, a full diagnostic test will be recommended and will incur a separate fee.

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