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I have complete trust in Victorian Hearing to provide me with the best, honest information and devices to allow me to get the best out of life. I love hearing, I love noise and I don’t ever want to live in a silent world so together with Victorian Hearing we work to maintain every ounce of what I love. Maybe it’s your first set of hearing aids or maybe you need new ones, I beg you not to be hesitant or scared, the gang at Victorian Hearing are professional, very knowledgeable about the best products to suit your lifestyle and your level of hearing loss, very friendly and welcoming.


Whilst on holiday in Lake Como last year one of my hearing aids shattered for no apparent reason, much to my horror BUT I contacted Nicole with the details and a photograph and I got an email back to say “don’t panic I have contacted the head office in Spain and they will make a new one and deliver it to a clinic in Como! “ Within a short time I got a call to tell me it had arrived and I went in the next day and picked it up. Fantastic and what was even more fantastic was that it was all under the guarantee. I can only reiterate my thanks and appreciation for the help and service I received at this time. 


I have struggled with my hearing for 45 years. I wore traditional hearing aids for many years and then discovered Lyric 3 years ago. What I find most appealing about Lyric is that it is hidden, it is worn 24 hours of the day and has a better sound quality compared to traditional hearing aids. It seems natural. The biggest change that improved hearing has made to my life is the increase in my confidence. To anyone who realizes their hearing has become an issue I would say “Give Lyric a try!” I would recommend Victorian Hearing for their personalized care! They are all friendly and willing to help. 


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