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Its time for the new perspective in BrainHearing™

About Oticon

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Oticon was established in 1904 by Hans Demant. Founded on care, Hans’s mission was to help his wife, Camilla, live a better life, unhindered by hearing loss. With this vision, one of the world’s first electronic hearing aids was born. Now a global company, Oticon continues to push the limits of technology to enhance the lives of people with hearing loss.

BrainHearing™ Philosophy

oticon brainhearing tm logoOticon has always taken the approach of developing hearing aids that support the brain in how it makes sense of sound. By focusing on the natural way the brain processes sound, their hearing solutions not only enhance hearing experience but also contribute to overall brain health.

What our Audiologists have to say about Oticon

Sandra Lee, Victorian Hearing Audiologist

Oticon have an impressive research and development arm, which takes in real world sound data when it comes to designing their hearing aids. My clients have found the devices easy to use and it is a matter of set and forget.

Oticon Hearing Aid Styles
Oticon hearing aids come in a range of styles including receiver-in-canal, behind-the-ear, in-the-ear, completely-in-canal, and invisible-in-canal hearing aids. This range of styles caters to all types of hearing losses and ear anatomies, with each available in a variety of colours, allowing you to select the most appropriate one for your needs.
Oticon line up
Oticons Latest Technology – Oticon Intent
Oticon sensor driven brain hearing teck

Oticon’s new premium hearing aid, Oticon Intent, integrates their latest BrainHearing innovations, designed to understand the user’s natural behaviours and listening intentions. Hearing aid users within the same sound environment have different listening needs and intentions, driving a need for truly personalised hearing support.

With the sensor driven BrainHearing technology, Oticon has incorporated the dimensions of head and body movement, the acoustic environment and conversation activity into hearing support, seamlessly adapting sound processing to their specific listening needs.

Oticon Intent is powered by their new Sirius platform with 4D Sensor technology. The all-new Deep Neural Network 2.0, has been designed to provide personalised support in even the most complex environments, helping hearing aid users engage more with the world around them.

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