Best Practice

in Audiology

Best Practice in Audiology

At Victorian Hearing, we strive to ensure the best possible outcomes for everyone. To achieve this, we adhere to Best Practices in Audiology, which incorporate evidence-based standards and protocols tailored to deliver optimal results for each individual. Additionally, we invest in comprehensive training for our staff, ensuring they are equipped to provide the highest quality of audiological service and care.
This commitment can involve our staff being sent interstate and even overseas to learn from leading experts in the field. By bringing this advanced knowledge and experience back to our clinics, we enhance the quality of your consultations. This results in precise diagnostic testing and superior hearing rehabilitation outcomes.

Audiology Australia Accredited Audiologists

All of Victorian Hearing’s Audiologists are Audiology Australia Accredited Audiologists. This requires them to adhere to the Audiology Australia Code of Ethics and participate in Continuing Professional Development. As a result, our clients receive ethically delivered services based on the latest practices.

HBA Board Member

HBA team
At Victorian Hearing, we believe that active participation in the hearing industry is important for promoting ethical business practices and collaborating with the government to ensure service choice and the best outcomes for those accessing hearing services. Victorian Hearing is a member of the Hearing Business Alliance (HBA), and Nicole Bowden, our Principal Audiologist and Manager, is a director of the HBA board.

Advanced Pediatric Audiology Certification

Rosalie with Advance Pediatric Audiology Certificate
Rosalie Machlin, our specialist paediatric audiologist, holds the Audiology Australia Advanced Paediatric Audiology Certification. This certification recognizes Rosalie’s advanced audiological skills in working with children, including complex cases, as she has undergone a rigorous assessment and interview with the industry board. This means that when you have your child’s hearing and listening assessed at Victorian Hearing, you can be confident they are in the best hands possible with Rosalie. We are both proud and privileged to have Rosalie as an integral part of our team Victorian Hearing, as she is one of a just a few certified Advanced Paediatric Audiologists in Australia.

Best Practice Hearing Aid Fitting Prescriptions

Fitting Prescriptions on older man
Thanks to the National Acoustics Laboratory (NAL), world-leading research is conducted into hearing aid fitting prescriptions and best practice audiology standards in Australia. This research has been conducted and implemented in Australia’s audiology clinics for decades and has since been adopted around the world. As a result, Australia is a world- leader in matching prescriptive targets when fitting hearing aids. Comparatively, only 40% of hearing aids fitted in the USA meet prescriptive targets, and matching prescriptive targets has only been a focus in the UK for the past 10 years and in France for the past two years.

Best Practice Hearing Aid Verification

Hearing Aid Verification charts on screen
To get optimal results from your hearing aids it is important that verification is part of the fitting process. Hearing aids need to be set up based not only on your hearing loss and communication needs but also on how the hearing aid interacts within your ear. The anatomy of every ear canal is different, so verification takes this ear canal resonance into account as part of the hearing aid programming. This is an important part of Victorian Hearing’s best practice protocol. We believe that this is one of the main reasons our clients are successful with their hearing aids and are achieving their listening goals.

#1 Lyric Provider in Australia

Phonak Lyric
Victorian Hearing’s evidence-based, best-practice approach to hearing aid fitting has led us to be recognised as the #1 Lyric Provider in Australia. Lyric is an extended-wear hearing aid, worn 24/7, that does not require daily insertion, removal, cleaning or battery change like other hearing aids. Fitting the Lyric hearing aid requires special expertise and certification, of which all Victorian Hearing audiologists have achieved. This means that when you attend Victorian Hearing for a Lyric trial or fitting, you are being fitted by the top provider in the country.

To ensure you receive best-practice hearing services book your appointment today or call Victorian Hearing at (03) 9558 8842.

Best Practice Audiology with HearingUp

Victorian Hearing is proud to be among the first clinics in Australia to join the HearingUp Network, a collective of independent audiologists committed to delivering Best Practice Audiology. Founded by Dr. Cliff Olson, a globally renowned audiologist known for his extensive collection of consumer-focused educational videos on YouTube, HearingUp was created to help consumers find high-quality hearing care.

Hearing care professionals in the HearingUp network are dedicated to following industry Best Practices to achieve better patient outcomes. All providers in the HearingUp Network have been verified by Dr. Cliff and are committed to following Best Practices covering consultation, hearing aid evaluation, fitting, and follow-up.

Victorian Hearing is honoured to align with such a prestigious network and continue promoting excellence in audiological care.

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