Earwax Removal



Do you have blocked ears?

Are your blocked ears impacting your ability to hear clearly?

Experience the Victorian Hearing difference with our university-trained Audiologists removing earwax to the industry gold standard.







The Removal Process:

A 30-minute earwax clearing appointment is pain free and includes:

  • Visualisation of the ear canal and earwax by either medical microscope or head-mounted magnifier
  • Earwax softening drops, if required
  • Removal of earwax via clinically appropriate techniques: including micro-suction (gentle vacuum), curettage (specially designed spoons) or low-pressure water spray
  • Post-removal check of the ear canal, ear drum and a medical opinion on ear health

The cost is $140

Who needs earwax removed?

A small amount of earwax (clinically known as cerumen) in the ear canal is considered beneficial as it a natural cleaning agent, trapping dirt from reaching the eardrum.

Yet for many people they naturally produce more earwax than others leading to discomfort. Symptoms of too much earwax may include:

  • Difficulties hearing
  • Poor functioning of hearing aids
  • Earache
  • The sensation of blocked ears or pressure/ full feeling
  • Tinnitus
  • Dizziness
  • Itchiness

Cotton tips, whilst readily available, can worsen your symptoms. Instead of removing earwax, they often just push wax deeper into the ear canal, blocking it further, with the added risk of perforation to the eardrum.

Instead, have the trusted, professional audiologists of Victorian Hearing use their gold standard techniques to clean your ears safely and effectively.

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