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Your decision will be as informed as possible because you will be given all the information you need rather than information skewed to a particular brand. You can select from a range of products that are available on the market, rather than being restricted to one or two.

Why choose Victorian Hearing for your hearing needs? Because at Victorian Hearing our primary goal is to empower you to make the best choice for your hearing future. We collaborate with you as an individual to provide unbiased, objective advice and offer the time you need to meet your goals.

We are a locally owned and run, proudly independent organisation, with no staff on any commissions and no ties to suppliers looking to sell a particular product. We are not motivated by earning commissions and meeting sales targets, but by the ability to provide superior patient care, free of compromise or bias. Read more about why independence matters to the ACCC and why it should matter. Our independence benefits you in a number of ways:

  • Client focus: with no staff on any commissions it ensures the recommendations you receive from us will be the best for your needs
  • Client choice: not being owned by, or aligned with any hearing aid manufacturers allows us to offer you the widest range of hearing solutions
  • Our audiologists remain committed to maintaining an ongoing focus on their education. They continue to learn about the latest technologies, advances and practices to deliver the most up to date information, rather than relying on supplier-endorsed products that may have since been superseded.
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Independent, locally owned and run audiology practice

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Client focussed – no staff on any commission

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Offer our clients choice – range of products, not aligned with any manufacturer

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Trusted, caring, experienced Audiologists

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Full audiological services offered to private clients (adults and children); pensioners & DVA

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Comprehensive Audiological report provided to GP /referrer

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Specialists in invisible hearing solutions

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Clinics across Melbourne, based in hospitals or specialist centres, easy to access facilities

Personalised service

Our university-qualified audiologists are respected professionals with over 110 years of combined experience. All are full members of Audiology Australia and are accredited, holding current Certificates of Clinical Practice.

Since hearing loss is often permanent, you will develop a long-term relationship with your audiologist. We prioritise clinician continuity and endeavour to ensure you see the same audiologist each visit.

We understand two people can have the same hearing results on paper, but it can affect their lives very differently. This is why our Audiologists take the time to get to know you, including your listening needs, your goals, your lifestyle, your dexterity, your priorities, and your budget to help plan your individual hearing journey.

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Specialised services

Victorian Hearing is a Premier Elite provider of Lyric – the world’s only 24/7, invisible, hassle-free, extended wear hearing solution. All Victorian Hearing audiologists have been specially trained to fit this revolutionary device. In 2017, Victorian Hearing were awarded Australia’s Lyric Key Opinion Leader.

Victorian Hearing is accredited to provide services to pensioners and DVA clients; NDIS and TAC recipients; as well as private clients, both adults and children.

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Trusted Independent Service for All Victorians

Victorian Hearing has a strong reputation amongst local Ear Nose and Throat specialists, GPs, and other allied health professionals. Most of our referrals come from medical specialists or from our current patients who have already experienced our service.
We are predominantly located near major hospitals ensuring adequate parking, familiarity and easy to access facilities.

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