The ACCC have launched an investigation into the professional standards of hearing aid clinics, as there has been growing complaints by consumers they are being sold hearing aids that cost up to $14,000 they may not need. In some circumstances people are even being treated by unqualified staff because currently there is no regulation governing Audiology. As a result the ACCC are conducting a survey to gather information for their preliminary inquiry click here.

The ACCC states:

“The concerns raised are that a patient’s interest to obtain professional independent advice from an audiology clinic may be compromised in circumstances where there is commercial pressure on health professionals to sell hearing aids, in particular more expensive hearing aids,” a spokesman for the ACCC said.

Audiology Australia, of which Victorian Hearing Audiologists are members together with Independent Audiologists Australia have been lobbying both state and federal governments to register audiologists under the Australian Health Practitioners Registration Scheme so they are subject to regulation so far nothing has happened. Victorian Hearing staff already work according to by Audiology Australia’s Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct see here for more details

Victorian Hearing is a proudly independent hearing clinic, privately owned not subjected to commercial imperatives of clinics owned by hearing aid manufacturers; our focus is solely on patient outcomes. Our independence ensures we can offer all brands and styles of hearing aids to our clients, so they receive the best hearing solution for their needs. This is our guarantee!

On top of that Victorian Hearing only employ qualified, university trained Audiologists. We do not offer free hearing tests, as we value the clinical skills required to perform full diagnostic hearing tests ie. Pure tone audiometry, speech audiometry and tympanometry.

All of our staff are on salaries and DO NOT receive any commissions or incentives of any kind. This means the hearing aid solution presented to our clients is for their best interests, not our staff’s pay packet. Victorian Hearing is client focused, we strive for outstanding client outcomes. It makes no financial difference to our staff if they fit a fully subsidized hearing aid to a pensioner or top-of-the-range hearing aid, as no incentive exists to pressure clients to consider more expensive hearing aid options. Choice of hearing aid style and technology level should only be determined by a range of factors – hearing loss, listening needs and goals, dexterity, cosmetics, motivation, lifestyle and budget, that is all and not potential for commission. Victorian Hearing uses a collaborative approach between patient and audiologist to consider all these factors to determine the best hearing solution for each person’s needs.

At Victorian Hearing, we pride ourselves on providing a professional, ethical, caring service in a friendly, supportive environment. Our reward is improving the quality of life of those with difficulties hearing.