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Selecting a Hearing Aid Type

Being an independent clinic, Victorian Hearing can offer an extensive range of hearing solutions. There are different types, styles, features and technology levels of hearing aids. Your Audiologist will help you to match your individual hearing needs, lifestyle and dexterity to your personalized hearing solution. We have compiled a handy guide to help familiarise patients with the many hearing aids we offer.

There are two main types of hearing aids to choose from: extended wear and daily wear. Daily wear hearing aids are devices that are placed in the ear and removed on a daily basis, while extended wear hearing aids offer a more convenient solution, able to be worn for months at a time without having to be removed or maintained.

Extended Wear Hearing Aids

LYRIC: Victorian Hearing is proud to be one of the few qualified premier elite providers of Lyric in Australia, while also being the Lyric Key Opinion Leader in Australia for 2018.

Lyric is an innovative extended wear hearing aid that is inserted deep into the ear canal by a specially trained audiologist. Its unique design and placement works with your ear’s anatomy to deliver exceptional sound quality in quiet and noisy environments.

Lyric is hassle-free, requiring no maintenance, battery changes or daily insertion and removal. Lyric is therefore ideal for those with dexterity issues, and those who want the convenience of 24/7 hearing.

Lyric can be worn 24/7 for months at a time, even while sleeping, showering and exercising. An ideal choice for those looking for a discreet, hassle free option, this hearing aid fits invisibly inside the ear canal, providing excellent sound quality while remaining completely unseen.

Daily Wear Hearing Aids

Requiring daily insertion and removal, daily wear hearing aids are available in many different styles and brands. Victorian Hearing is an independent Audiology Clinic so can supply and fit a broad range of hearing aid styles.

Aid Choices

Different styles offer different features and benefits; for instance, IIC types are suitable for those wanting a discreet hearing aid, while RIC and BTE types deliver directionality and great performance, even when background noise is present. Selecting the style that’s best for your needs will depend on a number of factors, including your degree of hearing loss, your hearing needs/goals, the shape of each ear, your ability to manage the size of the device, cosmetics, and your personal preferences.

Deep In-the-Canal/Invisible Hearing Aids

This hearing aid style is a traditional daily wear option that features a unique design, allowing it to sit deep in the ear canal where it remains invisible. Specialised impression-taking techniques are used to ensure the device is inserted at the correct depth, maximising its invisibility.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Managing your hearing aids has never been easier with the range of fully rechargeable hearing aids currently on the market. Changing batteries is a thing of the past, where you can now enjoy all-day hearing aid use with a single overnight charge. There are no ongoing battery purchase costs, and you will not be adding to the environmental burden of contributing scores of batteries to landfill every year.

Smart Hearing Aids

Victorian Hearing is proud to offer the latest breakthrough in daily wear hearing aid technology – devices that can connect directly to Apple iOS and Android devices. Utilising the latest hearing aid processing, it provides exceptional sound quality while enabling streaming of telephone conversations, music and apps directly to your ears. Designed for use with a free downloadable app, these devices are easy to adjust, with the app functionality allowing users to control settings, treble and bass, and the ability to access different programs for background noise, and more. There are also geotagging features available that will help you track down your hearing aids if you ever misplace them, and the ability to remember and automatically switch to settings that you’ve saved for specific locations (e.g. the office; your favourite restaurant) whenever you visit them.

Personal Care

Comprehensive Range

Victorian Hearing is an independent practice (i.e. not aligned with any hearing aid manufacturer) so can offer patients a wide choice of hearing aid brands. There are eight key hearing aid manufacturers in the world, and as a premier hearing service provider, we are free to work with all of them. This allows us to find you the perfect solution for your individual hearing needs.

The audiologists at Victorian Hearing are specially trained in the prescription and fitting of all hearing aid brands and styles. Simply arrange for a consultation today and we’ll determine which hearing solution is right for your specific needs.

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