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Welcome to Victorian Hearing – your local, independent Audiology Practice

At Victorian Hearing, our primary goal is to empower people to make the best choice for their hearing future. We collaborate with our clients as individuals to provide unbiased, objective advice and offer all the time required to ensure the right outcome. Victorian Hearing has a strong reputation amongst local ear, nose and throat specialists, GPs and other allied health professionals.

Better hearing

Hearing test to get better hearing
Hearing well is about being well. Physically, emotionally and socially. No matter the how old or young you are, knowing how well you hear starts with a hearing assessment.

Better Relationships

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When we hear well our connections and conversations with the people most important to us are richer and more meaningful. Day to day interactions are no longer exhausting, but a pleasure. Hearing aids today are modern marvels.

Better Cognitive Health

older man has good cognitive health with friends group at park
With continued scientific discoveries we increase our knowledge of how we hear. We now know that the brain needs access to all sounds – not just speech – in order to work in a natural way. Better hearing and better relationships lead to better cognitive health.

Why Victorian Hearing?

Independent Practice

We are a proudly independent, Australian owned and operated clinic.

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Personalised Care

We provide our clients with unbiased, professional hearing health care.

No Commissions

We are not aligned to any one hearing aid manufacturer, nor do staff receive sales commissions.

University Qualified

Our audiologists are University trained and are all accredited members of Audiology Australia.

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Pensioners & DVA

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