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Welcome to Victorian Hearing – the independent Audiology Practice serving your local community.

The Joy of Hearing Well

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Hearing well allows us to be socially active, connect with others, and communicate effectively — without barriers.

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The brain plays a crucial role in listening and speech understanding — it’s important to keep it stimulated. That’s where hearing aids come into play.

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Hearing well provides you with greater environmental awareness fostering feelings of security and confidence.

As an independent Audiology clinic, Victorian Hearing is proud to offer a full range of audiological services for people with hearing loss. Our experienced audiologists are university trained and specialists in their field, ensuring that you receive the highest quality care and attention.

Our hearing services include free hearing services to eligible pensioners and DVA clients, hearing services to private clients, adults and children, hearing aid fittings, bone conduction and cochlear implant hearing services, hearing aid repairs, hearing aid maintenance, tinnitus management programs, balance and vestibular triage, APD testing, customised and instant fit ear protection, and assistive listening devices such as bed shakers, smoke detectors, phone, and TV support for people with hearing loss.

We understand that ear health is important, which is why we offer services such as ear wax removal via micro-suction, full diagnostic hearing tests, hearing aid fitting and aural rehabilitation to ensure your hearing health is maintained.

Our team is 100% client focused, trusted and caring, and do not receive any commission on sales. This ensures that the recommendations you receive from our team are the best for your needs and your hearing well-being.

If you are looking for an audiologist in Australia, look no further than Victorian Hearing. Contact us today to schedule your hearing test and consultation and experience the difference that an independent audiology clinic can make.

Better hearing

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Hearing well impacts our overall health and wellbeing; physically, emotionally, and socially. Understanding how well we hear is key to managing hearing loss and its impacts on our wellbeing. At Victorian Hearing, understanding your hearing starts with a comprehensive hearing test with a qualified Audiologist.

Better Relationships

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Our hearing connects us to those we love. When we hear well our connections and conversations with the people most important to us are richer and more meaningful. Day to day interactions become easier, and more enjoyable. Victorian Hearing enable clients to achieve this and more with their hearing goals. For many, hearing aids are miniature modern marvels, designed to enhance communication with those who mean most to you, even in the most challenging listening environments.

Better Cognitive Health

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At Victorian Hearing, our services are driven by the latest research and the hottest topic in hearing care right now is how hearing loss impacts our cognitive health. More and more evidence is showing an undeniable link between cognitive wellbeing, dementia and hearing loss, and how managing our hearing loss can prevent the onset of dementia. Not only that, but we are understanding more about the brains requirement to equally access all sounds – not only important speech sounds– in order for it to function as naturally and optimally as possible. Improving your hearing and the use of hearing aids will deliver even more health benefits than once thought.

Why Victorian Hearing?

Independent and Local

We are a proudly independent, locally owned and operated hearing clinic.

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Personalised Care

We provide our clients with unbiased, professional hearing health care that is tailored to each individual’s hearing needs.

No Commissions

We are not aligned, or owned by a hearing aid manufacturer, nor do staff receive sales commissions or incentives.

University Qualified

Our audiologists are University trained and are all accredited members of Audiology Australia, the peak professional body for the Audiology industry.

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hearing services for …


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Our team of university qualified and experienced audiologists provide a professional, friendly, and trusted service for all adult hearing health needs. Victorian Hearing’s comprehensive diagnostic hearing test is the foundation to identifying and treating your hearing loss, tinnitus, or balance concerns. Our expertise and independence enables us to offer you all hearing aid brands and styles, including the 100% invisible Lyric, to find the right solution for your unique hearing lifestyle needs today, and throughout the course of your hearing journey.


Young child has hearing assessment sits on mothers lap
The assessment of childrens’ hearing is a specialty area of audiology, and at Victorian Hearing, we have the understanding and skillset required to get accurate, and hassle free results for children of all ages. Our comprehensive paediatric hearing services are administered by our most experienced audiologists who have had extensive training in the diagnosis and management of children’s’ hearing conditions.

Pensioners & DVA

Elderly man getting hearing aid fitted
Victorian Hearing is fully accredited to provide hearing services, including free hearing tests and free hearing aids under the Commonwealth Governments Hearing Services Program. We offer you a choice from the full range of hearing devices offered by the program, regardless of whether you are choosing fully subsidised devices, or to “top up” to a more sophisticated device to meet all of your hearing lifestyle needs now and into the future.

Victorian Hearing offers comprehensive services for Melbourne audiology, Wangaratta audiology, and Monash audiology including hearing tests Berwick. Whether you’re in need of a hearing frequency test or seeking expert independent advice, our team of dedicated audiologists are here to help. Victorian Hearing make it easy to find an audiologist near me. From initial hearing assessments to personalised hearing rehabilitation plans, our goal is to ensure you receive the highest quality of hearing care. Whether you’re experiencing hearing loss or simply want to keep on top of your hearing health, trust Victorian Hearing to provide expert audiology services.

For GP’s & ENT’s

Highly regarded amongst the medical fraternity, Victorian Hearing welcomes referrals from GP’s and ENTs across the state. We have been serving the needs of our referrers to a standard that has been above par for many years, offering priority appointments, comprehensive diagnostic, and rehabilitation audiology services, with clear and concise reporting to streamline the process for patient and referrer alike.