Why check your hearing?

1 in 6 Australians experience hearing loss, and on average, those experiencing hearing loss will wait up to 10 years before they take action. This delay can have far reaching effects on your health and quality of life.

A simple online hearing screening can provide some quick and useful feedback about your hearing, and help you avoid the impacts of delayed action.

Take our quick free online screening test today and get to know your hearing. The screening should be carried out in quiet space and all you need is a pair of headphones!

Online Hearing Test

By taking our online hearing test, one of our friendly Clinicians will contact you by phone or email to discuss your hearing. Privacy Policy

Your Hearing Journey

Your hearing journey starts the moment you’re born, every moment your world is enriched with the immersive nature of sound, from hearing birds singing in the treetops to sweet whispers in your ear, every sound paints your world. Your journey to hearing awareness, to realising hearing is something not be taken for granted is entirely different and is different for every person. The pathway in the journey to hearing health.

hearing aid fitting by audiologist
hearing test by audiologist