A hearing aid technology update – Unitron Hearing Aids

May 29, 2023Hearing Aids

When it comes to hearing aid manufactures there is a lot of choice out there. It is typical for a manufacturer to offer different tiered-technology levels of hearing aids to cater for an individual’s personal listening needs. This can range from basic standard hearing aids that work well in predominately quiet environments, all the way through to premium hearing aids with full automation, that are able to handle multiple complex listening environments such as restaurants, social gatherings and music performances. One manufacturer that does stand out in terms of its features within their hearing aids is that of Unitron.

The benefits of Unitron is that their noise reduction technology, wind management technology and direct connectivity to stream from both Android and Apple, is accessible across all their hearing aids, no matter the technology level. This is life changing for many as these features are typically considered a premium feature in other manufactures and yet its readily available in the standard range of a Unitron hearing aid. Here are how these three features can assist in providing a comfortable listening experience for the hearing aid user.

• Automatic Noise Reduction: The hearing aid microphones are constantly scanning your environment and when the level of constant background noise reaches a louder level the noise reduction mechanisms will automatically be activated without you having to manually push any buttons on your hearing aids.

• Wind management: This is a very handy feature for anyone that enjoys outdoor walks and activities such as golf. The microphones in hearing aids are very sensitive and when the wind rushes over them, the Unitron hearing aids can detect this and reduced the “whoosh” heard in the ears. This will overall provide more comfort so that outdoor activities are more tolerable. This will increase the likelihood for the hearing aid user to pursue outdoor activities which are good for our overall mental and physical wellbeing.

• Direct Android & Apple streaming: Listening to phone calls or streaming music through your smart device with the latest Bluetooth, directly into through both ears is highly advantageous. It provides a full surround sound experience, enhancing the quality of the phone call, audio and music being played. This hearing technology is life changing for many, as they can connect to family members to which they were never able to hear clearly before.

This music streaming hearing technology also allows your hands to be free, so that one may be preparing dinner or cooking, whilst listening to their favourite tunes play through their hearing aids or a podcast at the exact same time. Such hearing technology increases your freedom when it comes to multitasking.

Ultimately, Unitron’s vision of being seamless and “Made for All connectivity” make them stand out in the crowd of device choice.  Their hearing technology is tailored uniquely to your hearing loss and needs. They are available as battery operated or rechargeable hearing aids. Speak to your audiologist to find out more and see how you may gain extra benefits from their “Made for All connectivity” technology.