Beltone Imagine Hearing Technology

Jun 1, 2021

Why, When and how it Began

The Beltone legacy began in the 1930’s when Sam and Faye Posen recognised the need for personalised and miniaturised hearing aid technology. As a way to help a friend with hearing loss, Sam knew that the hearing aids of that time could not offer the individualised hearing capabilities that he had in mind. Sam wanted the individual to hear the music of life come through “as clear as the tone of a bell.”

By 1940 Beltone was open for business and in that first year Beltone introduced their first hearing aid model, the Beltone Model H™. Fast forward 80 years, Sam and Faye’s legacy continues with Beltone products offered worldwide with an extensive portfolio of hearing aids and hearing aid accessories helping the hard of hearing.

Fast Forward to Today

Earlier this year, Beltone released the world’s first unique 3 microphone receiver in the canal (RIC) style hearing aid known as ‘Imagine’. Dissimilar to other RIC options which offer a two-microphone system sitting behind the wearers ear, in addition to the two microphones the Imagine now incorporates a third microphone seated in the canal of the user. This third microphone, known as ‘Marie’, is unique in that it is picking up sound at the entrance of the ear canal. This works with each unique ear shape to collect sound just as nature intended. The M&RIE  Rx is just one option of the Imagine range.

Better Localisation and Spatial Awareness

10% fewer front-back confusions than with a traditional RIE(2). This is because using the pinna to collect sound gives users a better sense of depth and direction, with significantly better overall localisation.

The all-new M&RIE design allows multiple sounds to be processed. The signal to noise ratio is calculated across all 3 microphone systems, they are combined and processed to produce a clear and audible signal. This system works automatically and therefore allows the user to sit back and enjoy the listening environment and be active contributors to conversations. This system is the first of its kind, providing the world’s first tailored hearing experience.

Furthermore, these devices have the ability to be connected to Apple and Android smart phones. Thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity, Imagine hearing aids allow the user to stream phone calls, music, podcasts straight to their ears. The sound is tailored to their hearing loss and therefore delivers optimal volume and clarity.

Victorian Hearing offer hearing aid trials of the Beltone Imagine so that patients are able to experience the benefits firsthand.

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(2) With mild hearing loss compared to standard RIE with pinna restoration. Jespersen et al 2020.