Do your Ears Deceive you?

This month marks World Hearing Day (3rd March) and Hearing Awareness Week (1st-7th March) in Australia. Both are significant events to raise community awareness about hearing loss.

On average it takes someone seven to ten years to seek out assistance for a decline in their hearing. “Often people are in denial about experiencing hearing loss and blame others for mumbling or not speaking clearly” comments Victorian Hearing Senior Audiologist and Manager Nicole Bowden.

Victorian Hearing is a local independent, Australian owned and operated hearing clinic providing unbiased, professional hearing healthcare. Offering locals a free hearing check during the month of March their highly skilled, university qualified Audiologists will ensure they benchmark your hearing.

“Because hearing loss can be gradual in nature, many people don’t really notice they have a problem until their family and friends highlight the fact, and find that background noise at social occasions becomes a real listening effort,” said Ms Bowden.

One in six Australians experience hearing loss and for these millions of Australians, there are more possibilities and opportunities than ever before to assist with hearing well.

Hearing aid technology moves very fast indeed. Ms Bowden explains “Hearing solutions today are much more comfortable, convenient, easier to use, more discreet and vary in price according to the level of technology, which should be matched to an individual’s needs.”

“It can be an information overload, but we are here to help – to explain your hearing test results and provide hearing solution options to suit your listening needs, goals, dexterity and lifestyle. There are hearing aids that are rechargeable, pair to your mobile phone, iPad, TV and hearing aid Apps. This direct connectivity with your mobile phone can be completely hands free with the caller’s voice going directly to your ears!”

Victorian Hearing MCity

One revolutionary hearing solution is the 100% invisible hearing aid – Phonak Lyric, worn 24/7 for months at a time, no batteries to change, no daily effort or maintenance required. All the while offering clear, rich, natural sound quality.

Victorian Hearing is the only Premier Elite Lyric provider in Victoria with all our Audiologists professionally and specifically Lyric trained” says Ms Bowden. “We have recently been awarded Victoria’s Top Lyric Audiology Clinic, an award we are very proud of”.

“At Victorian Hearing we pride ourselves on delivering quality hearing healthcare and personalised hearing solutions”.
If you or someone close to you is experiencing changes in hearing, reach out to the team at Victorian Hearing – your local, independent and Australian owned and operated hearing clinic. With ten clinics across Melbourne, you are sure to find a friendly smile and support from the Victorian Hearing team.

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Book your free hearing check before March 31st! Call (03) 9558 8842 or book online.

Victorian Hearing awarded

Victorian Hearing awarded Victoria’s Top Lyric Provider 22/23