Has hearing become a challenge?

Apr 22, 2021

If your hearing has become a challenge, get a hearing check!

Getting your hearing checked is the first step in diagnosing hearing issues. A simple hearing test conducted by an audiologist near you can set you on the path to better hearing. But how do we hear, and what do you do if you are experiencing hearing loss?


Hearing starts with a sound wave, a vibration in the atmosphere which could be generated by wind, speech, or the sound of a hammer, for example. This vibration moves the air particles around it, transmitting through the air as a sound wave.
When the sound wave reaches your ear, it is conducted down the ear canal to the eardrum, transferring vibrations to fluid in the inner ear. The fluid movement is then translated into nerve impulses to the auditory cortex in the brain, which is responsible for translating these nerve impulses into recognisable sounds.


Any breakdown in this complex system can cause hearing loss. Hearing loss can be described as ‘conductive’ or ‘sensorineural’. A conductive hearing loss is due to a problem with the outer or middle ear which prevents the sound from reaching the cochlea. In contrast, a sensorineural loss (or ‘nerve’ loss) is the most common type of loss detected and describes a problem with the inner ear or the acoustic nerve. You can also have a ‘mixed’ loss which is a combination of the two.


Sadly, hearing loss in both adults and children is prevalent in this country and affects more people than you might imagine. Approximately 3.6 million Australians experience hearing loss and, with Australia’s growing ageing population, the prevalence of hearing loss is expected to more than double by 2060.


Hearing loss does not have to be limiting. Regular hearing checks can help diagnose problems early, while hearing tests can diagnose causes for those suffering from hearing loss. Independent hearing clinics can provide hearing tests in Melbourne. They provide a pathway for highly trained audiologists to give ongoing support to guide individuals on their path to better hearing outcomes and improved wellbeing.

If you live in Melbourne and are experiencing symptoms of hearing loss, you may wish to seek a hearing check or hearing test from an independent hearing clinic equipped to diagnose and treat hearing loss. This is where Victorian Hearing can help.

Your road to better hearing begins with a hearing check at one of eight Victorian Hearing locations across Melbourne. Victorian hearing has an independent hearing clinic near you with highly trained audiologists ready to offer accurate, timely and ongoing advice and support to guide you on your path to better hearing outcomes. Contact us today.