Victorian Hearing Audiologist Nicole Bowden and Business Manager Nicole McPhee recently attended the Starkey Innovation Expo 2020 in Las Vegas and were inspired by three very full days of information from Audiologists, technology developers and world leaders.

Clinical skills, new and future hearing aid technology, business management and leadership/philanthropy were the topics of interest and speakers included Richard Branson (entrepreneur), Matthew McConaughey (actor) and Dr Tim Shriver (Special Olympics Chairman).

More and more research is indicating that hearing aids help keep our brains engaged, thus reducing cognitive decline and keeping loneliness at bay.

Starkey expo 2020

AI (Artificial Intelligence) in hearing aids will be able to measure body temperature (for early diagnosis of infection), brain function, cardiac function, respiratory function and physical activity. They will also be able to assess gait and balance, alerting family and friends to falls. So much more than just a hearing aid! Hearing is so vital to our overall well-being and this technology will allow people to live better and longer.


Starkey expo 2020After the Expo, there was an opportunity to visit a Lyric Clinic in Santa Monica and an Audiology Clinic in the Simi Valley (LA). Information about clinical practices was exchanged and it was great to see how professional and caring Victorian Hearing practices are on the world stage.