Independent and Qualified Audiologists

Oct 26, 2022

Victorian Hearing is a locally owned and run independent hearing practice. Our primary goal is to provide every person with access to sound, conversation, and connectedness. We aim to educate our local communities about hearing health, overall wellbeing, support you in making the best choices for your hearing future and ensure the best possible hearing experience and hearing outcomes.

What is an independent Audiology Practice?

An ‘independent’ audiology practice isn’t owned by a hearing aid company or hearing aid manufacturer. Meaning that Victorian Hearing as independent hearing care professional are able to provide unbiased hearing advice and recommendations. An independent audiologist is not obligated to sell a particular brand of hearing aid or a specific hearing aid range. There are no sales targets or commissions. Victorian Hearing are a true independent hearing clinic.

At Victorian Hearing, the team of independent audiologists will guide you through a comprehensive and thorough hearing assessment, and if required discuss appropriate hearing aids specifically for you based on your hearing results, your lifestyle, and your budget. Our team of independent audiologists do not earn any commissions on hearing aid sales and are not driven by sales targets. Seeing an independent audiologist, such as Victorian Hearing, ensures you receive unbiased advice.

Unfortunately, for some hearing clinics their focus is on hearing aid sales rather than patient outcomes. To avoid this, it is important to visit a clinic that is independent and not owned or commercially aligned with hearing aid manufacturer. It is not always clear if a hearing clinic is independent or not. We encourage you to do your research and ask the question. As an independent hearing clinic, we are proud of this, and therefore promote this on our website and other ways.

How does an independent hearing benefit you?

When you visit an independent audiologist, you will notice their focus is on you as an individual, rather than the sale. Independent audiologists take the time to obtain a thorough history of your hearing and general health. This is so that they have the best understanding of the cause of your symptoms and the effect it is having on your daily life.

Additionally, when a clinic is not tied to one manufacturer, they have the ability to offer you choice. You will be able to see a wide range of products and understand how one hearing aid may benefit you more compared to another, depending on your individual requirements and hearing results.

When a clinic is independently owned and staff do not earn commission, you have peace of mind and the assurance that all recommendations are the best for your specific needs. You can be sure that recommendations are not being pushed by sales targets or restricted to one or two options. Audiologists want you to be as informed as possible so that you can decide with your audiologist what will be the best – for you.

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Why choose Victorian Hearing as your independent hearing clinic?

Victorian Hearing is client-focused; we strive for outstanding client outcomes.

It makes no financial difference to our staff if they fit a fully subsidised hearing aid, or top-of-the-range hearing aid, as no incentive exists to pressure clients to consider more expensive options. We provide hearing solutions using a collaborative approach and encourage family/close communication partner involvement in the decision making. We consider a range of factors – level of hearing loss, listening needs and goals, dexterity, cosmetics, motivation, lifestyle, and budget, to provide the best hearing solutions for each person we see. The best solutions are based on our clients’ hearing needs. Our staff are university trained audiologists and are all members of an Audiological governing body. This means that our clinical team work according to Audiology Australia’s Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct.

Victorian Hearing offer one of the most comprehensive and complete list of hearing services in Melbourne and are hearing professionals who truly care. Offering exceptional audiological services and customer services.

If you are looking for a reputable, professional, independent hearing clinic, contact Victorian Hearing.