Independent, University Qualified Audiologists in Melbourne

Apr 23, 2021

Hearing loss is a common disability affecting many Australians across all ages and areas of our community. For Seniors, approximately three in every four Australians over the age of 70, experience hearing loss. For younger generations, evidence suggests that 39 children in 10,000 will have some form of hearing loss by the age of 17, and a very high percentage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in remote communities are significantly affected.

For most people, the first point of contact for persons who notice hearing difficulties is their local GP. While this is a good first step, the next step in diagnosing and treating hearing loss should be a visit to an experienced, ethical, qualified audiologist.

In October 2015, The ACCC launched an investigation into the professional standards of hearing aid clinics, as there had been growing complaints by consumers of over-charging and inappropriate treatments. In some circumstances, people were even being treated by unqualified staff because of a lack of regulation governing Audiology. Furthermore, the ACCC identified companies in fixed relationships with a specific hearing aid manufacturer and companies providing commissions to their staff on the sale of hearing technology.

Whilst price is important, and for some people, the most critical factor, hearing loss is a journey. Hearing loss is enduring, and you are therefore not just buying “a product”. You are entering a long-term relationship with your audiologist. To ensure ethical service is provided, we recommend looking for an independent hearing clinic in Melbourne, such as Victorian Hearing.
Victorian Hearing is a proudly independent hearing clinic here in Victoria.  Privately owned and not subjected to commercial imperatives of clinics owned by hearing aid manufacturers, the sole focus for our audiologists is on patient outcomes. Our independence ensures we can offer all brands and styles of hearing products to our clients so they receive the best hearing solution for their needs.

On top of that, Victorian Hearing only employ qualified, university-trained Audiologists. All of our staff are paid by salary and do not receive any commissions or incentives of any kind. This means the hearing solution presented to our clients is in their best interests.

Victorian Hearing is client-focused; we strive for outstanding client outcomes. It makes no financial difference to our staff if they fit a fully subsidised hearing aid, or top-of-the-range hearing aid, as no incentive exists to pressure clients to consider more expensive options. We provide hearing solutions using a collaborative approach. We consider a range of factors – level of hearing loss, listening needs and goals, dexterity, cosmetics, motivation, lifestyle, and budget, to provide the best hearing solutions for each individual. The best solutions are based on a person hearing need.

With services ranging from hearing tests, including tinnitus, children’s hearing, CAPD tests, and vestibular triage to hearing aid fittings and aural rehabilitation, Victorian Hearing is equipped to assist you throughout your hearing journey. With eight clinics situated across Melbourne, Victorian Hearing has a clinic near you.

At Victorian Hearing, we pride ourselves on providing a professional, ethical, caring service in a friendly, supportive environment. Our reward is improving the quality of life of those with hearing challenges and empowering clients with independent choice.