Introducing Widex SmartRIC: Redesigning Hearing Technology

At Victorian Hearing, we continually immerse ourselves in the latest technological enhancements. Our dedicated team attends training events, often after hours, to ensure we possess the best device knowledge to assist your family in hearing better. Recently, our Audiologists Sally, Sandra, and Liz attended the Widex educational evening showcasing their latest SmartRIC hearing aid, alongside other independent audiologists from around Victoria. They personally tested these devices on their own ears.

In an era where connectivity and clarity are paramount, Widex, renowned for its Danish design and engineering, stands out for its robust technological solutions. It is among the few manufacturers currently offering a limited 5-year warranty, which has now been extended to their latest hearing aid technology, SmartRIC. This new hearing aid emphasizes natural sound quality over aggressive processing algorithms, which could otherwise result in an artificial sound to the wearer’s ears. As a result, Widex platforms have historically been popular with professional musicians who appreciate the technology’s ability to cater to a wide dynamic range of sounds. The new SmartRIC hearing aid continues to uphold this quality.

Upon first glance at the SmartRIC hearing aid, we immediately noticed the redesigned shape and its new portable charging case, offering a unique and fresh look for hearing aid technology. Below, we will unpack the latest highlights of this new technology, now available to all in Victoria.

Sleek and discreet L-shaped design: This hearing aid is smaller and thinner than previous models in their portfolio, sitting comfortably further up on the ear. When we tried them ourselves, we barely noticed their presence. Sandra, who wears glasses, found lightweight and suitable even for her smaller ears.

Repositioning of the microphones: The angle of the microphones has been adjusted higher up on the hearing aid, making them more horizontal on the wearer. When the two microphones—one on the left hearing aid and one on the right—are positioned more horizontally, it enables the directional microphones to align better with what the wearer is focusing on. This results in improved speech comprehension in noisy environments.

Improved battery life: The hearing aid battery now offers up to 37 hours of charge, providing an uninterrupted hearing experience throughout your day of social activities. When battery life is longer it gives you more confidence that you can stream phone and video calls with family and then watch a movie through your iPad with the sound going directly to your ears without having your hearing aids cut out halfway.

Charge on the go: The portable charger holds enough power for a few days, ensuring you never have to worry about being “off-air” with your hearing aid. Additionally, when you place the hearing aid into the charger, it automatically turns them off, preventing the squealing noise typically made when removing them from your ear. This feature is particularly handy when visiting the dentist or hairdresser, providing a safe place to store them. Simply bring your pocket-size portable charger!

Ultimately, a hearing aid can only be of assistance when worn. The more wear time, the better for the brain to adapt to the new sound. Widex has eliminated barriers with its sleek, fashionable hearing aid design and natural sound processing, allowing for a seamless transition into your hearing aid journey. At Victorian Hearing, we eagerly anticipate introducing these comfortable, sleek devices with convenient on-the-go charging capabilities during your appointments. Book an appointment with your Victorian Hearing Audiologist to discover tailored hearing solutions to meet your needs. With ten clinics across Melbourne, you are sure to find a friendly smile and support from the Victorian Hearing team. Call (03) 9558 8842 or book online.