What was once an imagined possibility, Beltone hearing aids have worked hard to produce a processing chip that delivers sound that is both more natural and more directionally focussed when needed. Introducing “Imagine” – the new RIC (receiver in the canal) style hearing aid including a digital processing chip with 220% more memory capacity and double the analytical power of its predecessor product.

Unlike most hearing aids that use 2 microphones to create directional sound benefit, Imagine uses input from three microphones, the additional one found on the receiver in the ear itself. This third, in-the-ear, microphone reduces feedback possibility and disturbance from wind noise by 15 decibels, whilst also supporting localisation of sound.

The unique microphone array is key to a new program option in the device called Ultra Focus. Intended to maximise speech understanding in background noise, this new program gives the hearing aid wearer more focus in a noisy environment, but without cutting them off from the outside world. Ultra-Focus will override the automatic settings in the hearing aid, yielding exceptional benefit when chosen in noisy environments.

Not only does the Imagine hearing aid offer improved internal technology, but the new streamlined housing is also more aesthetically appealing, and a new line of ergonomic receivers and domes ensure a comfortable and cosmetic fit on the ear.

As expected with any new hearing aid release, Imagine also has the option of a rechargeable model. Beltone has released a new charger for their rechargeable Imagine aids, which is small and compact. A full charge of hearing aids promises 25 hours of use, including streaming.

If this new technology has you interested, call Victorian Hearing to find out more and if it is suitable for you.