“Hearing well is being well” is the new mission of global hearing aid manufacturer Phonak. Initially introduced at an international conference in 2018, speakers from across the globe specialising in Audiology, Psychology, Dementia, and general Medicine were aligned on the importance of hearing health on overall wellbeing. Our ability to socialise, interact and remain active participants within the community relies on our ability to hear well, and to support this, Phonak has released their latest receiver in the ear style hearing aid, Phonak Paradise.

Paradise is the successor to Phonak’s Marvel product line. Marvel was first introduced in in October 2018 and sold over 1 million hearing aids within its first year globally. With the slogan “there’s nothing like the sound of Paradise” Phonak’s latest offering has just been officially released in Australia and is now available at Victorian Hearing.

Paradise features a new PRISM (Processing Real-time Intelligent Sound Management) sound processing chip that has approximately double the memory of the previous Marvel chip. This new hardware also includes a motion sensor unit, which means that Paradise hearing aids can detect when the wearer is moving while having a conversation and automatically adjust the directional microphones to focus on the direction of speech. Additionally, this motion sensor also supports hands-free conversations while connecting with Siri, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa via a simple double-tap to the ear.

Like all modern hearing devices, Paradise has universal connectivity options, but is one of the few hearing aids on the market with classic Bluetooth technology. In addition to establishing connections to Bluetooth enabled devices, such an iPhone or android device, Paradise allows multiple connections at any one time. This means that while you are using a Bluetooth streamer to watch tv, or on a zoom call and your mobile phone rings, you can seamlessly switch from one activity to the other and back – a first for hearing aids wearers!

Another truly relevant benefit of the Paradise Bluetooth connectivity is its ability to facilitate telehealth. With Phonak Paradise, Audiologists can be in the clinic, connect to the hearing aids remotely, and perform telehealth appointments and real time adjustments in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Phonak Paradise hearing aids are now available at Victorian Hearing and if this technology sounds like something you would like to try, contact us today to experience…. Paradise.

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