Victorian Hearing are proud to expand their services to include paediatric testing and wax removal.

    Paediatric testing:

  • Diagnostic Hearing tests for children aged 5 years and above are now provided at all our sites.
  • These tests are medicare rebateable if referred by an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist or a Neurologist.

Wax Removal: Wax removal is performed under microscope using curette, by our Lyric trained Audiologists, Nicole and Patrice.

This service is included for all Lyric clients, and attracts a small fee for pensioners and private clients.

Clean Ears Spray is a natural product used by Victorian Hearing, that softens and dissolves the earwax. If this product is required to assist with wax removal during your appointment, the bottle is yours to keep. Otherwise, it can be purchased separately in our clinics, and soon on our online shop, to help keep earwax build-up at bay.