Victorian Hearing sincerely apologize if our current invisible hearing solution add was hurtful, it was certainly not our intention.However, we are fighting a war with a large population of Australians (1 in 5) who refuse to seek hearing amplification because they are embarrassed. As well as poor communication and stress on relationships, hearing loss is also related to general health issues such as fatigue, risk of falls, depression etc. Research has shown the more consistently the auditory nerve is stimulated the better the sound quality and clarity is received. So, the more hearing impaired people that wear hearing aids regularly the better.

Victorian Hearing have, for many years, advertised BTE and traditional hearing aids without any success in helping this large group of people, so we tried something out of the box. Our goal and intention is to help those with hearing loss who are not seeking help due to the stigma. Since we released this add (which finished this weekend), we have been able to help many who would have never stepped foot inside an audiology clinic as they were not aware of all options available.

With this being said, we will be mindful of imagery and messages sent in future campaigns.