Six reasons why Starkey Genesis AI Hearing Aids are truly a new beginning for hearing technology

In the ever-evolving landscape of hearing aid technology, the Starkey Genesis AI heralds a new era of auditory excellence. With groundbreaking improvements, it marks a new beginning for hearing healthcare, as reflected in the manufacturer’s choice of the name Genesis, for their latest hearing aid. There has been a complete redesign of the casing of the hearing aid, new intelligent computer chip inside the hearing aid and a new hearing app to elevate one’s listening experience.

Let’s delve into the enhancements that make the Starkey Genesis AI a must-have for discerning hearing aid users, and why you should care about these transformative upgrades.

1. A completely new design.
Feedback from clients has endorsed the new discreet, ergonomic design, shaping the Genesis AI hearing aid to fit the curvature of the ear. It rests snuggly behind the ear, making it barely noticeable to others and extremely light and comfortable to wear.

2. New Pro9 HydraShield technology
The Genesis AI hearing aid has been designed with maximum durability making it waterproof up to 1 meter with their new HydraShield coating on the hearing aid parts and electronics. Now we all know it is not in your best interest to swim with a hearing aid, in the same way you would not jump in a pool with your mobile phone. However, this new coating on the hearing aid components means that they are sweat and moisture proof – great for an individual that is very active and hits the gym on a regular basis. Less moisture getting into the hearing aids means less repairs and hence a longer life span of the devices!

3. A new computer chip with faster and smarter processing
The new “Starkey Neuro Processor” is the brains of the hearing aid. It features a smaller and more powerful computer chip that can process over 80 million adjustments per hour, automatically, without the hearing aid user needing to do anything. This new processing uses a unique on-board Deep Neural Network (DNN) accelerator engine that mimics the learnings of the human brain. The advantage of DNN is that the hearing aid can learn the user’s environment and make intelligent adjustments to the sound and noise, giving a more pleasant sound experience without the need to constantly be playing with the volume control. This means the Genesis AI hearing aid can, in time, adapt to one’s surroundings. The new design involves six times more electronic transistor components making it four times faster and giving it ten times more memory capacity than their previous models.

4. Very long rechargeable battery life
With only 3.5hours of charge needed to give a full day’s wear, Starkey’s Genesis AI hearing aids are made to last all activities during one’s day. This gives one confidence that you will not be off air during the day in an unexpected meeting or a musical in the evening.

5. New MyStarkey App
The user interface with the MyStarkey App has been redesigned for ease of use, with colours to clearly show the different programs your hearing aid can be in. The standout feature is “EdgeMode+”. When one selects this feature in the app, it activates the artificial intelligence of the hearing aid to sample the environment sounds around you. It boosts speech clarity and comfort in noise, providing a more pleasant experience in those tricky environments you find yourself in. This saves you time from returning to your audiologist for fine tuning adjustments where they would traditionally make separate programs in your hearing aid that you manually click into such as “restaurant”, “speech in a crowd” or “outdoor” mode. Instead, EdgeMode+ is an all-in-one feature, that is smart enough to analyses the environment and quickly make the appropriate changes in real time.

6. Monitoring health
Starkey remains the only hearing aid manufacturer to include a feature called “Fall Detection”. There are tiny sensors that can detect changes in movement and orientation built inside the Genesis AI hearing aid. These sensors are rigorously tested and smart enough that they can differentiate between normal movements and the unexpected ones associated with a fall. This real-time monitoring technology is constantly monitoring your movements. If it detects a sudden change that resembles a fall, it triggers an alert. This alert can be customized to notify a caregiver, a family member, or anyone you trust, ensuring that help arrives promptly if needed.

Knowing that your hearing aids are not only improving your ability to hear but also watching out for your safety provides an extra layer of peace of mind. It’s like having a reliable companion that cares about your well-being.

Our team of expert audiologists stay up to date with the latest developments in hearing technologies and are excited to introduce the new Starkey Genesis AI hearing system. To discover more about Genesis AI, contact the team at Victorian Hearing, your local, independent, and Australian-owned hearing clinic. With ten clinics across Melbourne, you can expect a friendly smile and support from the Victorian Hearing team. Call (03) 9558 8842 or book online.