There’s nothing more frustrating than technology that doesn’t work correctly – especially when it’s something you depend upon, like your hearing aids.So now that Spring is in the air and you are thinking about a spring clean for your home or your garden, how about giving that technology that you need to communicate a spring clean too?

Steps to the best Hearing Aid Spring Clean:

1. Give it a brush: you may have been supplied with a small black brush with your hearing aids and this is great for brushing away any dried wax or dirt that is sticking to you hearing aid – especially the part that goes into your ear!

2. Alcohol swabs: These can be purchased from the chemist, and are a great way to give your hearing aids a wipe over to disinfect them and remove any wax or dirt that may have built up on the device. Be mindful not to wipe over the hearing aid microphone!

3. Replacement Parts: there are many parts on your hearing aid that are designed to be replaced. For example you may have a wax guard on the sound outlet, or a slim tube that goes into the ear. These parts are all replaceable, and if you don’t have any spares, simply give us a call so we can organise to replace them for you!

4. Vacuum: a micro vacuum is the perfect tool to ensure all outlets on the device, whether it be a microphone or speaker outlet, are kept free of any blockage. You can come and see as at Clayton to vacuum the device out any time, else you can purchase your own to use regularly at home. The Jodi-Vac micro suction machine is available for home use and is $250 – a great investment to keep your hearing aid going for many years to come!

5. Keep it Dry: one of the best investments you can make for your hearing aid is a dehumidifier, or hearing aid dryer. There are various options that can be used, from electronic dehumidifiers, to absorbent crystals, and could save you from expensive repair or replacement costs. The dehumidifier is a good place to store your hearing aid at night to ensure it is ready to perform at its best the next morning. The San Dry Premium electronic dehumidifier is $280 and sanitises as it dehumidifies your hearing aids.