Jul 4, 2023Hearing Aid

Hearing aid manufacturer Unitron has released their newest range of hearing aids – the Moxi Vivante. This latest platform, ‘Vivante’, takes inspiration from the saying that ‘a life well lived is a life that is vibrant and full.’

Unitron is a manufacturer that is aware that most of us live in a noisy world and within this noisy world, there are a lot of meaningful sounds we need to attend to for enjoyment in life. Examples that come to mind for us include, celebrating a friend’s promotion at an afterhours social gathering, attending a wedding reception, or the family gathering around the birth of a new child. Surrounding you will be all sorts of background chatter, clanging of equipment or furniture as people move in and out of your surroundings. This is where Unitron claims their latest platform includes the most sophisticated automatic speech in noise adjustments to help comfort in challenging listening environments. Below we will look at two such specific features.

In built in hearing aids is an operating system that automatically classifies our environment into different sound categories, extracting speech sounds for ease of listening. Unitron’s automatic sound environment classifier includes a new eighth listening category for “Conversation in Loud Noise” With its “HyperFocus” it helps improve the signal of the speaker in relationship to the surrounding noise, resulting in better face to face conversations with less repeats. No more “What did you say?” and “pardon?” They achieve this by utilising the four microphones in built in a binaural hearing aid set up. The two microphones on the left hearing ear and two microphones on the right hearing aid ear communicate to each other to lock into the speaker’s voice and at the same time attempts to pull down unwanted background noise.

hearing aid unitron vivante with charger

The second technological advancement they have included in their hearing aid is the ability to improve listening to conversations in the car. They have called this feature “360 conversation in car”. Hearing aid wearers are no different to anyone else when it comes to finding it harder to hearing people when they are not facing you. When someone turns their head in another direction, their voice is carried away from our ears. Equally difficult is when we are required to talk to someone, we physically cannot see them or safely move towards them.

Such is the case of listening the car as a passenger or a driver. Unlike the “Conversation in Loud Noise” setting, the “360 conversation in car” setting has the microphone sensitivity adjusted so that it is searching for speech of interest whether it comes from in front, behind or towards your side. This new adaptive feature allows for seamless listening without having to be constantly pressing buttons on the hearing aid to adjust for where sound is coming from. With more automation, there is greater ease of listening.

At the end of the day, well-adjusted hearing aids that are tailored to your hearing loss and listening needs is vital for best listening outcomes. Your audiologist at Victorian Hearing will help you navigate the new hearing aid features that will be most suitable for your daily listening needs and guide you through which technology pairing is best for you. Feel free to book a family member in today for a consultation to discuss the many options of restoring enjoyment in listening in our noisy world around us.

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