The Signia Silk Xperience

Signia has established itself as one of the world’s leading hearing aid brands, shaping the hearing health market through iconic and consumer-friendly designs.

In late October 2023, Signia launched an update to their instant-fit completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aid, the Silk. With the Hearing Services Program (HSP), recently approving these hearing aids, they are now available for all clients.

The new and improved Silk Charge&Go offers three performance levels, ranging from 3-star to 5-star technology, and they’re rechargeable, eliminating the need for fiddling around with size 10 batteries. These instant-fit hearing devices mean you can hear better, sooner.

Signia’s recent launch also brings the Integrated Xperience (IX) chip, which address difficulties of hearing in groups and the dynamics of group environments. As this latest innovation is available in 3 to 5 star technology levels, at the 3-star level, it’s able to focus on speakers in groups due to narrow directional microphones. At the 4 and 5-star level, the IX chip utilizes ‘RealTime Conversation Enhancement technology’ to lock onto and track speakers; the 4-star focuses on speakers from the front of the hearing aid wearer, whilst the 5-star locks onto and tracks speakers to each side and in front of the hearing aid wearer. This means that if your communication partner is on the move, and in the range of the Signia hearing aids focus stream, you won’t miss what they’re saying. Signia’s ‘RealTime Conversation Enhancement Technology’ involves analysing 192,000 data point per second to understand the listening environment, augmenting encompassing locking on to and boosting your communication partners voices, and adapting by seamlessly adjusting 1,000 times a second to keep you engaged with dynamic conversations.

Signia’s extensive portfolio hasn’t gone anywhere. Aside from the instant-fit CIC style (Silk), Signia has an extensive portfolio over all different styles of hearing aids, from the invisible IIC to the powerful Super Power BTE and CROS in various styles too. Signia has many rechargeable types of hearing aids, including Insio (custom ITC or ITE) Charge & Go, non-custom ITC (Active), Styletto, RIC and BTE. Battery-reliable CROS too in various styles.

A final update to Signia’s range will include updated Bluetooth protocol, called Low Energy (LE) Audio, which will come early in 2024. This version of Bluetooth (BT) will be more reliable and be less power-hungry compared to the existing Classic Bluetooth protocol. LE Audio is the future of Bluetooth and Signia BT compatible hearing aids will be one of the first to feature this.

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