The wonderful world of Lyric

A few years ago, I had the good fortune of being asked to fill a maternity leave gap in the Lyric clinician space, so I leapt at the opportunity to be trained in the fitting of this unique device.

Since then, it has been a journey of discovery and challenges, riding the highs and lows of Lyric successes & sometimes, failures. All in the pursuit of improving the hearing and quality of life of clients from all walks of life. It may just be the only option left to try for some people and this can be the difference between re-connection with their loved ones or continued isolation and loneliness. Powerful when you think about it.

My oldest Lyric client was a beautiful lady in her late 90’s, who was legally blind and very frail but her mind sharp as a tack. After losing a traditional ‘behind the ear’ hearing aid and realizing that managing them was becoming too difficult for her, I suggested Lyric, with the understanding that her paper-thin skin may be a barrier. In the end, only one ear was successfully fitted but that was more than enough for her to be re-connected with her loving family and friends who were regular visitors. She even managed a few plane trips interstate with a fresh Lyric in, as she felt confident she could be part of the gatherings around her. More recently, traveling was beyond her but she would ask to sit near her window so she could listen to the birds and the world go by. It was a privilege to be asked to do a home visit a few months ago to fit a fresh Lyric for the Christmas period. The smile on her face once the new Lyric was in place always made my day.

From the oldest to youngest Lyric client, this 30-something tradie has unilateral, high frequency loss and bothersome tinnitus; a Lyric trial was recommended. Within a few minutes of having a Lyric in, he noted the tinnitus had reduced significantly, for the first time in many years – he was incredulous. He was then concerned about one of his favourite pastimes: jiu jitsu – would the Lyric be ok? Happily, it was, didn’t budge or feedback – perfect! Since then, he has never considered anything else.

A dear Italian grandmother was bought in by her loving son who was at his wit’s end: Mum has dementia and is declining rapidly, with no ability to manage traditional, daily wear devices for her hearing loss. Would Lyric be suitable? After lots of trial and error, we managed to fit Lyrics successfully in both ears, just in time for her 80th birthday celebrations. It was a happy day for the whole family. While I could not change the dementia diagnosis, I was able to help her re-connect with her nearest and dearest.

The uniqueness of Lyric means it can be the only solution for some clients or the best option for others. I feel very fortunate to be able to offer it to my clients, whatever their age and stage in life.

Unfortunately, not every person is a Lyric candidate, and it is important that you make an appointment with a Lyric specialist audiologist to find out if this is the right device for you or your loved one. Book your 30-Day invisible hearing aid trial at Victorian Hearing today, to try Lyric for yourself. With ten clinics across Melbourne, our university trained and qualified audiologists from the Victorian Hearing team are here to help you. Call (03) 9558 8842 or book online.

Author: Sally Woods, Victorian Hearing Audiologist