Today’s Hearing Aids: What You Need to Know

Sep 22, 2021

It is one of our most important senses, yet for many people, hearing can be a struggle. Unfortunately, most people tend to put a lesser value on their hearing health as they do for, say, their vision.

This is unfortunate because hearing health is critically linked to a person’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being. Hearing loss is associated with several adverse health effects, including a higher incidence of heart disease, diabetes, and even depression.

Recent research associates untreated hearing loss with other very serious health conditions, including cognitive decline and dementia. The research concluded that hearing loss is the number one modifiable risk factor for dementia. This means that treating hearing loss could slow the rate of cognitive decline as we age. People who treat their hearing loss are more likely to engage socially and connect well with others.

For many, hearing loss is gradual and cumulatively impacts on their lives. From always asking people to repeat themselves to exerting greater mental capacity to make out words in conversation, hearing loss can drain and exhaust individuals over time. This can lead to embarrassment and avoidance of social interaction as a defence mechanism.

Most people suffering from hearing decline could benefit from wearing hearing aids. Technical advances mean hearing aids have evolved to a point where they are no longer big and bulky. Many are now small and discrete, and some can even be implanted into the ear canal, making them hardly noticeable. The conception that hearing aids are clunky obtrusive things that reside behind the ear like your parents or grandparents used to wear is no longer valid.

Modern hearing aids are packed with amazing technology and do so much more than just amplify sound. For example, many hearing aids today facilitate multiple connections to your computer and smartphone. With the addition of tap control on some hearing aid models, you can answer the phone or even activate Siri just by tapping your ear.

Bluetooth connection allows you to stream virtually anything from both the computer or phone, and the sound comes directly into your hearing aid. You can even have conversations while you are streaming your favourite media. The small and sleek designs make it difficult to tell you are wearing hearing aids!

There are many options available from numerous brands. The most important thing is selecting the right hearing aid to suit your personal needs and hearing loss. With access to the latest hearing technology, Victorian Hearing can provide you with a hearing aid solution that suits your hearing loss, lifestyle, budget and is not only accurately prescribed, but specialist fit for each individual.

With eight clinics situated across Melbourne, Victorian Hearing has a clinic near you with qualified, university-trained Audiologists ready to fit the right hearing aid for you, contact us today.