Transforming Lives: The Future of Hearing with Oticon Intent

In the realm of hearing aid innovation, Oticon has always been at the forefront, consistently pushing boundaries to enhance the lives of individuals with hearing loss. Their latest offering, Oticon Intent, represents a significant leap forward in hearing aid technology, designed to provide users with a device that, as the name suggests, can interpret the intention of the user by knowing which sound source to focus on. Let’s unpack how Oticon’s technological advancements have made this possible.

Oticon is well known for its BrainHearing™ Technology, where their technology mimics the natural processes of the human brain to deliver a more immersive and personalized listening experience. It can do this by analyzing and adapting to the user’s unique hearing profile in real-time with the fast-processing chip in their hearing aids. Your audiologist will work with you during your hearing aid fitting appointment to set up your unique profile, matching the hearing aid output to your hearing loss test results and sound listening preferences.

Scientists, researchers, and clinicians at the Oticon headquarters have spent the last few years analyzing how we, as humans, conduct conversations and listen to each other to make meaningful connections. They have found that the way we move our head when we speak is critical to understanding this. For example, if our head is mostly stationary, it is likely we are speaking to one person. If we are moving our head to the left and right more frequently, there may be multiple people of interest we are speaking to in a group setting. They also looked at the head nodding along to conversation and how this adds nuance to our understanding of what is going on around us. All these data points captured from real-life scenarios are then coded into their BrainHearing™ Technology.

The four successful key steps of communication which drive the technology behind Oticon Intent hearing aid designs are:
Hearing Well: This is the clear first stage in successful communication. If we cannot hear what the other person is saying, we will not have all the information needed to understand them. When we miss the loving words of our family, friends, teachers, or grandchildren, it can lead to frustration and embarrassing moments. It is comforting to know that these moments can be avoided by having an accurate hearing test, which your audiologist will then integrate into the hearing aid settings.

Listening: There are multiple factors that impact our ability to listen well, from background noise to us being tired or stressed. When hearing aids can clean up the sounds, pulling out speech from background noise for audibility and comfort, this increases our attention span and confidence when talking to others.

Comprehension: While both our ears work together to pick up sound occurring around us, our brain makes sense of the sounds by matching them to familiar sounds stored in our memory. With the help of the Oticon Intent aids, being more comfortable to wear in social settings and background noise, we are giving our brain more time to be social, more time to be exercised, and thus more time to formulate these new memories and consolidate older ones.

Communication: The shared exchanging of ideas, information, thoughts, feelings, and laughter are all part of communication. It is truly a shared experience that shapes our lives, a fundamental aspect of being human. So, when the hearing aids help us hear well, we can then listen better, comprehend better, and ultimately communicate better. This will make all the difference so our dialogue does not end up being two people speaking their own mind at each other with no feedback because we aren’t listening, because we can’t hear them! Communication is truly engagement.

Ultimately, Oticon’s Intent hearing aid range provides unparalleled clarity, comfort, and connectivity to others in our lives. The team at Victorian Hearing are happy to assist in taking your first steps and to journey alongside you as these devices transform your hearing experience.

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