Victorian Hearing is proud to announce the opening of our Geelong clinic. In addition to providing a comprehensive range of hearing services to local residents, the clinic is also the first provider of the revolutionary Lyric hearing aid in Geelong.

An innovation in hearing devices, the Lyric is designed to fit completely inside the ear canal so it becomes 100% invisible. This discreet placement has the added benefit of reducing background noise, enabling it to provide exceptional sound quality.

The Lyric can also be worn 24/7 for up to four months without requiring any maintenance during that time. This means wearers can do everything from sleep to swim – and even listen to headphones – without thinking about their hearing device. It is this seamless, discreet and comfortable design that has earned the Lyric a reputation as ‘the contact lens for your ear.’

With one in six Australians suffering some form of hearing loss, advancements in the design of hearing aids like the Lyric are particularly significant. The team at Victorian Hearing looks forward to helping residents of Geelong reap the benefits.