Meeting the needs of residents on the Mornington Peninsula, Victorian Hearing has just opened up its tenth branch in Mornington. Our latest clinic offers locals the same comprehensive range of hearing services made available to residents across Melbourne, and is also the first hearing clinic in Mornington to offer the groundbreaking Lyric hearing aid.

One of the most revolutionary hearing devices in recent memory, the Lyric fits entirely inside the ear canal and effectively becomes 100% invisible. In addition to being unseen, the placement of the Lyric hearing aid helps to minimise background noise, allowing it to deliver a superior standard of sound quality. The Lyric is also relatively low maintenance and can be worn 24 hours a day for up to four months at a time before requiring any attention. This enables wearers to carry on with their normal lives without having to worry about their hearing aid.

One in six Australians will experience hearing loss to some capacity, so the technological innovations brought about by the Lyric hearing aid and other manufacturers is crucial. For the residents of Mornington and surrounding areas, Victorian Hearing looks forward to providing the very best products, service and advice.