Do you need to constantly ask people to speak louder? Are you in the habit of increasing the volume of the TV every time you watch it? Chances are that you might be experiencing some degree of hearing loss. Experts recommend booking a hearing testing in Melbourne to establish any potential issue, benchmark your hearing and if found to have a hearing loss, understand the problem and employing treatment and rehabilitation strategies as soon as possible.

Hearing loss of any kind could result in you missing out on more things than you might realize. While it might be scary to imagine that you are experiencing hearing loss, it is a relief to know that there are several options to treat your hearing loss. The first step is to acknowledge and understand the signs, then seek help from a reliable, professional hearing clinic near you.

Some major signs for you to consider its time for a hearing check are:

  • Struggling to Interpret Speech: While it is a common habit for us to ask people to repeat themselves in most instances – when this habit becomes a recurrent event, it is important for you to take relevant action. If you are struggling with hearing people properly and interpreting their speech, it is recommended to reach out to the independent audiologists like Victorian Hearing.
  • Turning Up the Volume of TV or Radio: If you need to turn up the volumes of your TV or Radio only once in a while, there is nothing to worry about. However, if you are not able to enjoy your favorite TV show without high volume levels, then it is time to consider reaching out to a hearing specialist. Even if it is a case of wax build-up in your ear, it is still recommended to seek professional help, including professional hearing check services.
  • Missing Alarms, Doorbells, or Calls: Hearing loss is known to occur when you might fail to hear specific noises or pitches that are quite commonly heard by others near you. Some of the most common issues include missing out on calls, doorbells, or your morning alarms, even the beeps of your microwave. At the same time, if you are noticing that you are no longer hearing the sound of birds or sounds of other natural elements, then this could be another potential flag that you may have a problem with your hearing.
  • Twisting the Neck or Body to Hear: If you feel the need to reposition your neck or body to hear something, then you might be experiencing hearing loss in one of your ears. At the same time, cupping your ear for drowning the background noise is also another common sign.
  • Inability to hear in Noisy Places: When in noisy places it becomes difficult to hear things clearly, this can also be another sign that it may be time to book a hearing test. Moreover, your inability to take part in conversations because you might not be able to hear properly can have detrimental consequences on social interaction and relationships.

Victorian Hearing is an independent, Australian owned and run hearing clinic, with nine locations across Victoria. If you are experiencing any of the above mentioned signs or have hearing-related concerns please contact Victorian Hearing and arrange an appointment with one of their Audiologist