Hearing Awareness Week will take place across Australia from the 21st to the 27th August, 2016.This annual initiative helps raise awareness for the needs of deaf or hearing impaired Australians through a variety of events, including seminars, expos, and free hearing screening tests.

Hearing loss affects one in every six Australians, from newborn babies to the elderly. For these estimated 3.5 million people, its impact can include feelings of frustration, loss, and even grief (if it occurs later in a person’s life).

Technology plays a huge role in helping those affected to deal with this negative impact, with innovations such as hearing aids and cochlear implants making communication easier. But hearing technology needs greater funding if it is to be made available to more of those who need it.

What We Can Do

That’s where Hearing Awareness Week comes in. This exciting program aims to:

  • Open up the discussion about the needs of those with deafness, hearing impairment, or a chronic ear disorder.
  • Improve the quality of life for these people by ending their stigma, isolation, lack of work opportunities, and associated health issues.
  • Educate Australians on how to communicate effectively with those with hearing loss, from mild to profound.
  • Raise community awareness of the risks associated with long-term exposure to excessive noise (known to cause one third of cases of hearing loss) and provide education on ways to protect their hearing.

Come See Us for a Screening

As proud participants in Hearing Awareness Week, Victorian Hearing will be offering free hearing screenings from Sunday 21st August to Saturday 27th August. Our audiologists can perform a range of hearing tests to establish the presence of any hearing loss you may have suffered – including the degree and type of hearing loss. Get in touch today to arrange your free visit during Hearing Awareness Week!

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