Sennheiser RS 5200


The integrated Speech Clarity feature makes sure you never miss another line from a movie or show. It can be hard to find a good compromise. Now you don’t have to. Just put your RS 5200 earphones on and choose the volume that’s best for you.

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Whether you prefer a more open listening experience or greater insulation from ambient noise, you can tailor the RS 5200 to sound just the way you like it.Because the new RS 5200 earphones are so comfortable, you can wear them for hours on end. The wireless receiver gives you up to 70 meters of range — no need to sit close to the TV set or wrestle with annoying cables. Our all-new TV-listening earphones offer an experience so natural you’ll forget you’re wearing them.

  • Speech clarity
  • Disturbance-free TV
  • Ease of use
  • Multi-purpose transmitter
  • Pressure-free wearing comfort


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